About Thireena Yuki

Inspired by my parents and grandparents, I learned as much as I could from all of them and applied the skills they had taught throughout my adult life. Growing up as a Japanese-American and living both in the country and city, my broad point of view has helped me throughout the years in my career.

As a private school teacher and administrator, helping children from infancy to maturity has always been a passion. Knowing and understanding how best to share your knowledge is a fined tuned skill that you have to consistently be devoted to.

Writing and editing is a hobby turned passion. In writing fiction, I hope to inspire the impossible. By throwing a reader into a world where the rules of the world can be rewritten, sparks a beautiful world in an imagination. Non-fiction is all about learning creatively as our world is much too interesting to condense into a boring and dry book as they once were. Writing curriculum is even more rewarding, as you help students further their education with hopes that what you have indirectly taught them will live on through adulthood.

I am also a certified Mixxedfit® and Zumba® instructor.

Awareness in the world around us is also something that should be cherished. With our busy lives, it is hard to see past our personal scope of vision. Although technology in our age has advanced to arrive instantly at our fingertips, we now know how harmful and misleading our sources can be. With my quarterly reports, I aim to give relevant information without bias. Unfortunately, we are in dire times with the Covid-19 pandemic. Minimal information is given in my quarterly reports with the updates of the pandemic.

In closing, it is my belief that you should always further your knowledge and understanding in any way possible to make yourself the person you deserve to be.

Photo Credit: Mfinanga Photography